Live Patisserie with “Chef Only” :)

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Do you feel safe eating at Restaurants?

Do they offer you Customized Food Option?

Have you ever been to the Restaurant/ cafe which has “Chef only” Service?  

Are you a Thin Crust Pizzzzzzaaaa Lover? Never Mind… I Am! 



Zolocrust, an outlet at Hotel Clarks Amer which take you to the concept of “Live Patisserie”.

When you will enter the Restaurant you will see that You have stepped in into the Kitchen of the Restaurant but that is what Zolocrust is, With Live Kitchen Concept means you will be able to keep a watch on entire process of making a bakery product or any Italian food they serve. And you will feel more safe nd healthy when your food is being cooked in front of you.

Team of Chefs at Zolocrust

I bet you dint get what “Chef Only” means, The Chefs of the Zolocrust are the whole sole doers of the restaurant as they believe in keep it simple by keeping only chefs in the restaurant. From taking your order, cooking, baking, housekeeping and taking your payments after you are done. Isn’t it Interesting?

Pastry Chef Peeyush Mathur

Personal interaction with the customers is very Important, There is no mediator in between the Customer and the Chef,” Says Pastry Chef Peeyush Mathur.

If we talk about the crockery they use, there is lot more behind the glasses and the spoons.

The glasses are made of corn starch and fibre which is a waste from the fabrics, So they re using this for making their glasses. The spoons and plates are made of palm leaves and the best thing behind this is they are giving employment to the women living in villages from this.

The Glasses, Plates & Spoons

Machines are imported from germany.

Chef Vaibhav Sharma



This Blender can also blend your Iphone-6s and It wont hurt the blender, it will only hurt you,“says Chef Vaibhav Sharma.

Let’s Talk about the most important thing, FOOD ..

The food here is little bit expensive as compared to other restaurant after all Its a 5 star hotel, but its all worth it. They have the Thinnest pizza ever and no MSG is into it.

Trust me, For once the pizza will satisfy your taste buds but later it will increase your pizza cravings..


Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut shake and Lycheekiri Shake 

Pesto Pasta Garnished with Olives, Basil leaves, cherry tomatoes
The Roasted Veggie Pizza and Pizza Al Caprino

Pizza Al Caprino: The exotic looking thinnest pizza with the topping of garlic, oven dried tomatoes and cheese made my day. It was perfectly baked as well as the crust was literally like a papad. Loved it.

The Roasted Veggie: It was beautifully Glazed with the topping of mozeralla, zucchini, bell pepers, mushrooms, brocolli and when you know those all veggies are fresh from there own kitchen garden you will feel more healthy. It was again the thinnest and tasted like “The best pizza I ever had”.

Pizza Noir

The entire cafe has been made keeping in mind different environment friendly and different ideas in mind.

A Wall is decorated by the glasses on which customers can leave their memories too..


Glasses Decorated by the Children of Disha Ngo.


One more and the most exciting thing I am left with is..

Zolocrust uses most of the vegetables which are homegrown. Veggies like rocket leaves, broccoli, cherry tomatoes etc are grown by the chefs only and in their kitchen garden.


Kitchen Garden
Cherry Tomatoes in the Home kitchen of Zolocrust


Chef Vaibhav Sharma

This is how we enjoyed our meal at Zolocrust and the team of the chefs is really enthusiastic to work for 16 hours..

You will enjoy while look at their smiling faces 🙂

Special Thanks to Pastry Chef Peeyush Mathur and Chef Vaibhav Sharma. 🙂


With the Team of Chefs of Zolocrust

We had great time there I hope you will have a great time too 🙂


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