Red Chilly, Its Sizzling!


Chilli is an erect, branched, shrub like herb with fruits which are used in various cuisine and It is used to add a spiceness to dishes. Without chilies, any indian food cuisine is incomplete.

CHOPPED RED CHILLIES:  Red chillies are chopped into small pieces using a knife. It can be used for tempering dal or vegetables. It can also be added to pizza toppings to impart a spicy touch.

DRY RED CHILLIES:  These are medium spicy chillies which grows across southern India. And these are mostly used in South Indian dishes like sambhar, chutneys etc.

RED CHILLI ROUNDELS:  Clean, wash and place the chilli on the chopping board using the sharp knife.Start cutting the chillies horizontally into desired size of thick or thin roundels and use as required. Mostly used in Asian Cuisine and in salads dressings.

SLICED RED CHILLIES: Place the red chilli on the cutting board slice using a sharp knife by cutting vertically across the cutting board. Slice them thinly or thickly as per the recipe requirement.

How red chillies are beneficial?

  1. Source of iron absorption – Red chilies contain a good proportion of iron which is very good for blood health. They also have a lot of vitamin c that helps the body in absorbing iron.
  2. Burns calories – They produce heat in the body that directly burns down calories.
  3. Relieves from congestion – In india red chilies are provided to a person for consumption when he is suffering from cold. It relieves congestion and helps is better respiration
  4. Reduces blockage in arteries – They are very powerful antioxidants that clear any blockages in the arteries or blood vessels.
  5. However, keep in mind that excessively spicy food can cause indigestion and heartburn. 
CHILLI GARLIC DIP (Lehsun ki chutney)

Chilli garlic dip is also called lehsun ki chutney and it is very spicy prepared by grinding garlic, chilli powder, cumin seeds, and chillies.

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