A Culinary Journey from Kabul To Bengal at Crowne Plaza! :)

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Did you give it a thought what my blog can be all about??????

I will take you along with me through the complete journey from Kabul to Bengal.. 

Let’s Go…


Crowne Plaza, jaipur

I love food, and Trust me I have been really lucky because of Chandan Thakur (Director of Food and Beverage at Crowne Plaza) as I have got this opportunity again to visit Crowne Plaza on 19 march.

Kabul To Bengal Food Festival was being organized at Sirroco, Crowne Plaza and as soon as we have entered the Hotel.. It was decorated very beautifully.. 


As the Journey’s first city is Kabul We saw the first Milestone and we were only 619 km away…..Hahahah! (Excited )


As we have finally reached there we were served a welcome drink which was Sharbat-e-azam and it was a big relief.


Then they have shown us how amazingly they have fabricated the whole Sirocco according to the Festival. 

The buffet was presented so beautifully where We have seen wide variety of pickles, dessert, and different dips.

We have moved to the centre buffet table and guess what we have found there..


I just thought of capturing these in my frame  after all I am a girl. (Heaven for me) 😀


Every City has its own different way of serving Golgappa and What I have analyzed is In Delhi you will find each & every golgappa vendors with chola filled in their golgappas., which You don’t easily get in our own city.. Jaipur.!



Now Let’s come to the most important part that is FOOD..

We initiated our lunch with these Chaats..


Aloo Chaat

As the Festival was all about the dishes which are quite famous in Kabul, Amritsar, Delhi, Lucknow and Bengal.. Both the chaats were from Delhi as Dilli is famous for its chaats. I loved the Aloo chaat more. 🙂

(As I am more potato lover) 

Then we have moved on to Starters which were mouth-watering because I’m already a kabab lover specially Dahi Kabab and Haryali Kabab. 

The Land of Nawabs and Awadhi cuisine, Lucknow is a total foodie’s paradise So chef made us taste these as those were the specialty of lucknow.

Paneer Tikka
Dahi Kabab
Haryali Kabab

Paneer Tikka: It was nicely marinated and it tasted quite good with the amazing dip (Corainder chutney).

Dahi Kebab: Dahi kebab is made with a hungcurd and few vegetables, It was okayish in taste though.

Haryali Kebab: I was crazy for these but I have never tasted Haryali kebab with the cheese filling. God I fall in love with these.

Then we had our soup.. Guess which Flavour it was?

Daal Shorba

Can you even expect having Daal as a Soup..?

Yes Daal Shorba, The Chef told us the story behind this.

The daal was soaked in water for 7 hours and then it was being cooked in this way which made us crazy. It was really tempting. 

In Earlier times when poor people didn’t have anything to eat then they used to mix everything whatever they had and they used to boil it and cook it as a soup, and Now People are crazy for soups says,“Chandan Thakur.

Then we had Main Course: 

Rasgulla Paneer
Mixed vegetable
Daal Makhani
Assorted Breads
On the Table

We had something different, that was Rasgulla Paneer, as it was not sweet and was as same as other dishes which contain Paneer but it was made in the form of rasgulla & was one of the delicious dish from the main course.

We loved the Daal Makhani, every ingredient gave it a perfect taste.

Mixed Vegetable needs a little bit taste improvement though.

People who live in Kashmir love to have Bakharwadi as snacks during their tea time.

The Main Course was truly amazing. It satisfied my taste buds.

We had our stomachs full but Then came Kulhad Lassi. 

Kulhad Lassi

LASSI : It is made by adding water to the curd with some sugar and saffron.

 After preparing lassi , a layer of cream is put on top of it. Lassi is dranked by frosting in the refrigerator or by adding ice in the summer season.

The Lassi was served as a speciality of Punjab which needs improvement as it should be more thick Still it was considered as extremely refreshing and refreshing and we enjoyed it.

Now comes the Dessert ..

“Dessert is like a Feel-good song
and the best ones make you dance”


Mawa Barfi

Mini Rasgulla

Mini Gulabjamun

Kesar Barfi 

Khubani Ka Meetha – It was made from apricot and it is used for making sweet recipes . This one had cinnamon flavour and the chef presented it very beautifully.

We enjoyed our lunch at Kabul to Bengal Food Festival with Chandan Thakur (Director of Food & Beverage at Crowne Plaza) and Roshini Agnani (Marketing Manager at Crowne Plaza).

Chandan Thakur, Roshini Agnani, Radhika Agarwal, Vishakha and Akshya Agarwal (From Right)
Left to Right- Roshini Agnani, Akshya Agarwal (Akshya Digital Diaries) and Radhika Agarwal

Thank you Crowne Plaza for having us there, We really enjoyed the tasting session.

Follow Them:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/crowneplaza

Instagram : www.instagram.com/crowneplazajaipur

-Akshya Digital Diaries


2 thoughts on “A Culinary Journey from Kabul To Bengal at Crowne Plaza! :)

  1. vaishali khandelwal

    Waooo…waooo..nddd jusss waooo…Di both the things were truly amazing…The way u described and the photos of food items..it made me felt to have something in the very early morning..And the presentation of food was definitely superb..loved it..wish to go somewhere with u one day..😄😍

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