Food for All, Respect for All : Initiative by our CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje

Do you know what MY BLOG is all about?

We all go to restaurants, cafe’s and hotels..

My reviews are always about the food which I had in the hotels/ cafes and restaurants.

But Today I thought reviewing this Annapurna Rasoi so I Visited this  “Annapurna Rasoi” at Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

unnamed (5).jpg

Annapurna Rasoi Yojana is an Initiative By  Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje (Government of Rajasthan).

FOOD FOR ALL, RESPECT FOR ALL is the tagline given by them which means Sab ke lie bhojan, sab ke lie samman.

unnamed (3).jpg
Thali @ Annapurna Rasoi

We had this thali which had Daal, Mangodi, Khadi, Banana Pudding and which can at least fill the empty stomach of the needy in just rs. 8/-. There is a new menu everyday either its for Breakfast , lunch or dinner.

Breakfast is for rs. 5 & Meal is for rs 8/-

The cost of a meal is Rs 23.70 for a meal and Rs 21.70 for breakfast and of this, Rs 8 and Rs 5 will be borne by the customer, respectively, while the rest will be subsidised.

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  • The menu includes delicacies made of wheat, rice, corn, nutritious grains and vegetables. Staple Rajasthani dishes such as Gehu ka Mitha Khichda, Besan Gatta Pulao, jawar ki Mitha Khichra and Dal Dhokli and much more.
  • The food will be distributed by 80 mobile vans in Jaipur and these Food trucks named “Annapurna Rasoi” will be parked at crowded places, where Footfall is high.
  • The main beneficiary of the scheme will be rickshaw pullers, labourers, auto drivers, students, working women, elders and other weaker section.

The project has been allocated an initial budget of Rs.14 crore by the government.

It is a very good Initiative for the weaker section of the society by The Government looking at the rise in prices of the basic food items.

-Akshya Digital Diaries



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