My Food Cravings are on HYPE!!

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Now Instead of “ROLLING” Create the “HYPE” 

All I meant is Cafe Rolla Wrappa has been renamed as Cafe Hype!

(The whole & Sole reason was that to make understand customers that It not only serves “Rolls” but it also serves many amazing dishes.)

In this Hot Weather, I know nobody would like to go to a cafe. (Except FOODIES) 😀

But in this summer season, You can cool down the hotness and feel refreshing with the drinks & the food it serves.

I will tell you from my clicks that how my experience was with this HYPE Cafe.

IMG_1597The Menu they have is totally alluring and understandable.

The owner of the Cafe – Love Vijayvergiya initiated our day with:



BERRY SORBET MARGARITA: A fusion drink of blue lagoon ice candy and berry flavoured drink. It was presented so beautifully that I camera didn’t stop clicking. 

You can have this juicy candy and at the same time, you can drink the juice made with berries. It was amazing. ❤



 STRAWBERRY LEMONADE:  It was served in a very unique way. It was basically made of soda with little strawberry flavour.


Finally, Are you a coffee lover? Never mind, I am.

The coffee was stirred properly with the cocoa powder and other ingredients. It was too thick which made me fall in love with it. Quantity and taste were satisfying. 

Now we were starving for the food and here it comes:


CHEESE TORTILLASTORTILLAS were totally as same as it should be “CRISPY” and it was topped with fresh salsa which can be described as chopped salad served with the cheese all over it.  The presentation was nice while the taste was great. ❤


SOYACHAP TACOS: The tacos were different than usual as they had the outer covering of crisp tacos shells and the soft tacos shells, loaded with the stuffing and I didn’t feel like I am eating both of them at the same time. Loved the taste and how they serve it.


TEX-MEX FRIESThese were basically not fries it can be called as potato wedges. Potato wedges were served with chilli sauce and melted cheese was spread over it and garnishing was done with the coriander.
The cheese was spread in good quantity but as I am a potato lover I liked it plain. The quantity was little less according to the price. 

If we talk about the presentation, They served it in a very unique way. 



 If you have a girlfriend that eats a lot, It’s a perfect dish for you! 😀 


Tortillas are meant to be soft in Enchiladas, Those were perfectly softened. The sauce and the cheese gave it a perfect flavour.  The quantity was perfect. 



I ordered this one as I am a Biryani lover,

It was something unique as It was exactly cooked how the biryani is cooked with all the spices and the baby corn, broccoli, capsicum and different veggies to make the taste more different and to make it look appealing. The taste was completely as same as biryani but instead of

The taste was completely as same as biryani but instead of rice, they put penne pasta in it. ❤

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This is how the Cafe looks from Outdoor.It has both Indoor and Outdoor seating.

It has both Indoor and Outdoor seating.

The best part is you can enjoy IPL Screening in the Outdoor area in the evenings with snacks.


This is what how they have decorated this cafe, with the different wallpapers and decorative items, they also have fancy specs or glares which you can wear and get a click.

Everyone enjoys their perfect day with the private seating, so they also have a private party section for kitty parties, birthday parties and all.


Staff and service are truly amazing. The owner helped us and made us comfortable.

The owner – LOVE VIJAYVERGIYA assisted us and made us more comfortable.
Also, he has a great knowledge about food and what is cooking in the kitchen.

The whole experience at CAFE HYPE was undoubtedly fulfilled with amazing and tempting dishes.


And I regret of leaving the BIRYANI in the bowl itself as I was overloaded with the mouthwatering food of “HYPE”

Thankyou HYPE for having us there 🙂

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Zomato: @cafehype

Keep Eating! Keep Reading! 


– Akshya Digital Diaries 


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