How to Choose a Perfect Vehicle for a Trip?

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Since we are not a frequent traveler, but as our last experience to Dhanushkodi Beach,  Rameshwaram which was a Beach deserted area and being a TripAdvisor’s member we’ve learned a thing or two about vehicle selection whether its a family trip or Friend’s trip, So let me share the essential points with you in this blog post.

Deserted Beach Dhanushkodi at Rameshwaram


  1. No. of people going: Always count how many no. of people are going with you, always choose the car with extra space and +1 seat so as to put more stuff and you do not  feel suffocated as you should be able to cover long distances and each can travel 7 or more hours straight without a rest.
  2. Durability: Without question, at the top of our list is how rugged is the vehicle and how much adventure can it take? Choose the car which can tolerate rough roads,  sand etc.




     3. Location: Location is must factor to look upon as the vehicle should be chosen                     according to the Area, whether it is a deserted area or a hilly area.

     4. Air Conditioning: Long distance can be challenging if you are planning for a trip to            the areas having warm climate.

     5. Storage capacity: For any road trip, The trunk space should be more and                            accessible that allows you to put your all necessary stuff.



So guys, If you’re looking for a vehicle for your road trip, head over to which is a great resource which will help you to choose the best vehicle for the road trip .


Do share your opinions in comments, what factors do you consider while choosing the perfect vehicle for a trip.


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“Onam Sadhya”- Food Festival at ITC Rajputana!


You all might know ONAM is a festival of Kerala.

Onam is an annual Hindu festival with origins in the state of Kerala in India.

It is a major event for Malayali people in and outside Kerala.

The cuisine of Kerala is very hot and spicy and offers several gastronomic opportunities. Kerala is rich with coconut and bananas though one cannot imagine Kerala food without chilies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind, and asafoetida.

The food is generally fresh, flavored and aromatic.

Keralites are gourmet with a difference.

We have also celebrated our “Onam” with ITC Rajputana at Jaipur Pavilion.


So now we will show how The chefs at ITC Rajputana have curated different delicacies and special ONAM SADHYA for this occasion at Global restaurant with an Indian Heart; Jaipur Pavilion for us.

We have started our lunch with  –

Sambaram, Rasam

SAMBARAMIt was a spiced butter milk which was prepared with different spices. You won’t believe it also had turmeric but we could only analyze this from the color, not from the taste. It was amazing to taste.

Curd Rice (Dahi kechawal)

Curd rice was one of the best from the menu as it was so light in taste and those curry leaves made it the best with its flavor.



MALABAR PARANTHA: It is a bread which is made in Kerala and the base is Refined flour i.e. Maida.




OLAN: In this white pumpkin and red beans were cooked in coconut milk and chili and garnished with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Kootu Curry

Kootu Curry: Black channa was cooked in a brown coconut gravy and it had a very light taste of coconut and we had to eat it with the Malabar parantha.

On the table: Onam Sadhya



Pal Adai

Pal Adai: This was the dessert and It was made as rice flakes were cooked in milk with cardamom. We just loved the taste of the Dessert as it had a balanced taste of sugar which was garnished with dry fruits.

Pal Adai, Lentil curry, Olan, Avial, Kootu curry, Rice



With Chef Kabil Dev


Chef Kabil Dev told us a lot about the Kerala cuisine how it is made and how the vegetables and spices are grown on the land of the south.

He made our visit to ONAM SADHYA- at ITC RAJPUTANA wonderful with the cuisine & delicacies curated and prepared by him and his team.

Thank you ITC Rajputana for having us there. 🙂

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Pick your chopsticks with Marky Momos!

Night stay with friends?

Midnight Snack craving?

Don’t want to cook anything?

Don’t want to Get up out of your bed?


Dont Worry!

There is a rescue option for you.


Late Night Food Jaipur:

Late Night Bite:


They provide a Door step Food delivery service for you either its 11:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m.

These Food Joints from Jaipur is a sister concern of one of the best Chinese restaurant i.e. MARKY MOMOS which recently have been awarded with the “WINNER OF TIMES FOOD AWARD 2017 For the best CHINESE RESTAURANT in Jaipur.

Marky Momos:

It not only offers a variety of Chinese cuisine but serves a variety of starters, beverages, pizzas to North Indian Cuisine and Modern Chinese and Continental Fusion Cuisine.



It serves modern Chinese and Fusion Cuisine from its outlet as well as offers home delivery service. They believe in fresh cooking and providing quality food to its customers. So they make noodles, chutneys and dips in their Home Kitchen and now they are having Rice Noodles also on the basis of Customer Demands

Now we will virtually show you the dishes they serve.

Thick Strawberry Shake

Their Thick shakes includes Strawberry shake, oreo shake and more and Trust me This is totally a life saviour when you don’t want to eat anything. 


NRM_4487 (1).jpg
Veg Momos
Afghani Momos with Home made dip

Their Noodles are made in the home kitchen and cooked in sesame oil but they give it a fusion taste according to the taste of Indian Customers with the Spices and ingredients.

Honey Chilly Potato

Honey Chilly Potato were crispy and made with the balanced amount of sauces.

Served in a good quantity with their tangy chutneys and garnished with sesame seeds.

Spring Rolls
Momo Burger
NRM_4507 (1).jpg
Steamed Momos
Fried Rice



Fried Momos


  • People have already adapted the digitalization As “We get 200-250 calls everyday for the home deliveries” says Mukul Bhatia, Owner of Marky Momos.




  •  Veg Chillyano Pizza 
  • 🍔 Crispy Paneer burger 
  • 🌯 Paneer dragon roll 
  • 🍝 Mix sauce veg pasta
Veg Chillyano Pizza
Dragon Paneer Roll

These above mentioned dishes are from the menu of

Veg Chillyano Pizza: It is not a upper topped pizza but it is a stuffed pizza in which stuffing is made from the Manchurian so as to make a Chinese yet Italian fusion.

Dragon Paneer Roll: It is one of the delicious snack. All filled with paneer and veggies. It is a must try dish.


These are the dishes from the menu of which not only offers snacks but also has a variety of whole North Indian cuisine for Main course like Breads, vegetables, Veg- Non Biryani, Paneer Tikka etc.

What we loved: Almost each ad every dish but Rajasthani Gatta Curry and Paneer Parantha is the best one can have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  •  They are managing 3 websites, They believe in website orders and satisfying their each and every customer through their timely home deliveries and packaging.
  • They provide many offers like Buy 1 Get 1, 20% off on the order, Loyalty Bonus, cashback on their website.
  • They get happiness & satisfaction  when they make their customers happy from the pleasurable surprises they offer in the form of chocolates after the order.
  • Another outlet is in Chitrakoot and They are now opening up in Udaipur and Ahemdabad also.


We enjoyed our snacks and dinner.

Order yours and get 20 % from the Code: AKSHYA20

Late Night Food Jaipur:

Late Night Bite:

Marky Momos:

Contact: 099295-40555

Address:  304/4, Raja Park, Jaipur, 302004

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5 Type Of Street Food That You Must Have This Monsoon!


The season which brings smile to many faces with the freshness in the air when it starts to rain.

What makes it such a popular season?
From children to grown-ups there is little something for everyone during monsoon .
We all like to celebrate the beauty of monsoon in our special ways and our is the Food and the delicacies which Jaipur is serving in this lovely weather with the rain.

Indian street food is full of colours, aroma and spices. We have so many different varieties of dishes available on street.


  1. Chargrilled Corn



Whenever the monsoon starts, Char grilled corn in desi language, Bhutta is all we crave for.

The aroma of bhutta make you go crazy and so as the taste. 

Location: Ghat ki Guni, Jaipur 


2.  Chana Jor Garam 


Chana Jor Garam is a spicy and tangy snack loved by everyone even if your tummy has some space or not. And it will definitely make you go crazy with its taste.

Location: Outside Birla Mandir.

Picture Captured by: Roshan Rawat

3. Kulhad Chai 



Tea is love, Tea is life. 

People who crave for Tea will only understand the importance of Tea and Chai in this monsoon is sone pe suhaaga. 


4. Samosa & Chai – The Best Combo


Having Garama Garam Chai with these fresh cooked samosa’s is heaven on earth.

Location: Sodhani Sweets. 


5.  Vada Pav 


Vada Pav is the easiest dish one can make after maggi. 

Homemade Vada pav looks so tempting and the Coriander chutney and Aloo being the love makes me to love this snack even more.


Since now, You have the list what to eat this monsoon,

 Get out of bed,

Drive in Rain,

Try these Dishes..


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Have a lovely Monsoon!

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My Food Cravings are on HYPE!!

HYPE Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Now Instead of “ROLLING” Create the “HYPE” 

All I meant is Cafe Rolla Wrappa has been renamed as Cafe Hype!

(The whole & Sole reason was that to make understand customers that It not only serves “Rolls” but it also serves many amazing dishes.)

In this Hot Weather, I know nobody would like to go to a cafe. (Except FOODIES) 😀

But in this summer season, You can cool down the hotness and feel refreshing with the drinks & the food it serves.

I will tell you from my clicks that how my experience was with this HYPE Cafe.

IMG_1597The Menu they have is totally alluring and understandable.

The owner of the Cafe – Love Vijayvergiya initiated our day with:



BERRY SORBET MARGARITA: A fusion drink of blue lagoon ice candy and berry flavoured drink. It was presented so beautifully that I camera didn’t stop clicking. 

You can have this juicy candy and at the same time, you can drink the juice made with berries. It was amazing. ❤



 STRAWBERRY LEMONADE:  It was served in a very unique way. It was basically made of soda with little strawberry flavour.


Finally, Are you a coffee lover? Never mind, I am.

The coffee was stirred properly with the cocoa powder and other ingredients. It was too thick which made me fall in love with it. Quantity and taste were satisfying. 

Now we were starving for the food and here it comes:


CHEESE TORTILLASTORTILLAS were totally as same as it should be “CRISPY” and it was topped with fresh salsa which can be described as chopped salad served with the cheese all over it.  The presentation was nice while the taste was great. ❤


SOYACHAP TACOS: The tacos were different than usual as they had the outer covering of crisp tacos shells and the soft tacos shells, loaded with the stuffing and I didn’t feel like I am eating both of them at the same time. Loved the taste and how they serve it.


TEX-MEX FRIESThese were basically not fries it can be called as potato wedges. Potato wedges were served with chilli sauce and melted cheese was spread over it and garnishing was done with the coriander.
The cheese was spread in good quantity but as I am a potato lover I liked it plain. The quantity was little less according to the price. 

If we talk about the presentation, They served it in a very unique way. 



 If you have a girlfriend that eats a lot, It’s a perfect dish for you! 😀 


Tortillas are meant to be soft in Enchiladas, Those were perfectly softened. The sauce and the cheese gave it a perfect flavour.  The quantity was perfect. 



I ordered this one as I am a Biryani lover,

It was something unique as It was exactly cooked how the biryani is cooked with all the spices and the baby corn, broccoli, capsicum and different veggies to make the taste more different and to make it look appealing. The taste was completely as same as biryani but instead of

The taste was completely as same as biryani but instead of rice, they put penne pasta in it. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is how the Cafe looks from Outdoor.It has both Indoor and Outdoor seating.

It has both Indoor and Outdoor seating.

The best part is you can enjoy IPL Screening in the Outdoor area in the evenings with snacks.


This is what how they have decorated this cafe, with the different wallpapers and decorative items, they also have fancy specs or glares which you can wear and get a click.

Everyone enjoys their perfect day with the private seating, so they also have a private party section for kitty parties, birthday parties and all.


Staff and service are truly amazing. The owner helped us and made us comfortable.

The owner – LOVE VIJAYVERGIYA assisted us and made us more comfortable.
Also, he has a great knowledge about food and what is cooking in the kitchen.

The whole experience at CAFE HYPE was undoubtedly fulfilled with amazing and tempting dishes.


And I regret of leaving the BIRYANI in the bowl itself as I was overloaded with the mouthwatering food of “HYPE”

Thankyou HYPE for having us there 🙂

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Zomato: @cafehype

Keep Eating! Keep Reading! 


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Food for All, Respect for All : Initiative by our CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje

Do you know what MY BLOG is all about?

We all go to restaurants, cafe’s and hotels..

My reviews are always about the food which I had in the hotels/ cafes and restaurants.

But Today I thought reviewing this Annapurna Rasoi so I Visited this  “Annapurna Rasoi” at Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

unnamed (5).jpg

Annapurna Rasoi Yojana is an Initiative By  Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje (Government of Rajasthan).

FOOD FOR ALL, RESPECT FOR ALL is the tagline given by them which means Sab ke lie bhojan, sab ke lie samman.

unnamed (3).jpg
Thali @ Annapurna Rasoi

We had this thali which had Daal, Mangodi, Khadi, Banana Pudding and which can at least fill the empty stomach of the needy in just rs. 8/-. There is a new menu everyday either its for Breakfast , lunch or dinner.

Breakfast is for rs. 5 & Meal is for rs 8/-

The cost of a meal is Rs 23.70 for a meal and Rs 21.70 for breakfast and of this, Rs 8 and Rs 5 will be borne by the customer, respectively, while the rest will be subsidised.

unnamed (8).jpg

  • The menu includes delicacies made of wheat, rice, corn, nutritious grains and vegetables. Staple Rajasthani dishes such as Gehu ka Mitha Khichda, Besan Gatta Pulao, jawar ki Mitha Khichra and Dal Dhokli and much more.
  • The food will be distributed by 80 mobile vans in Jaipur and these Food trucks named “Annapurna Rasoi” will be parked at crowded places, where Footfall is high.
  • The main beneficiary of the scheme will be rickshaw pullers, labourers, auto drivers, students, working women, elders and other weaker section.

The project has been allocated an initial budget of Rs.14 crore by the government.

It is a very good Initiative for the weaker section of the society by The Government looking at the rise in prices of the basic food items.

-Akshya Digital Diaries


A Culinary Journey from Kabul To Bengal at Crowne Plaza! :)

Sirocco - Crowne Plaza Jaipur Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Did you give it a thought what my blog can be all about??????

I will take you along with me through the complete journey from Kabul to Bengal.. 

Let’s Go…


Crowne Plaza, jaipur

I love food, and Trust me I have been really lucky because of Chandan Thakur (Director of Food and Beverage at Crowne Plaza) as I have got this opportunity again to visit Crowne Plaza on 19 march.

Kabul To Bengal Food Festival was being organized at Sirroco, Crowne Plaza and as soon as we have entered the Hotel.. It was decorated very beautifully.. 


As the Journey’s first city is Kabul We saw the first Milestone and we were only 619 km away…..Hahahah! (Excited )


As we have finally reached there we were served a welcome drink which was Sharbat-e-azam and it was a big relief.


Then they have shown us how amazingly they have fabricated the whole Sirocco according to the Festival. 

The buffet was presented so beautifully where We have seen wide variety of pickles, dessert, and different dips.

We have moved to the centre buffet table and guess what we have found there..


I just thought of capturing these in my frame  after all I am a girl. (Heaven for me) 😀


Every City has its own different way of serving Golgappa and What I have analyzed is In Delhi you will find each & every golgappa vendors with chola filled in their golgappas., which You don’t easily get in our own city.. Jaipur.!



Now Let’s come to the most important part that is FOOD..

We initiated our lunch with these Chaats..


Aloo Chaat

As the Festival was all about the dishes which are quite famous in Kabul, Amritsar, Delhi, Lucknow and Bengal.. Both the chaats were from Delhi as Dilli is famous for its chaats. I loved the Aloo chaat more. 🙂

(As I am more potato lover) 

Then we have moved on to Starters which were mouth-watering because I’m already a kabab lover specially Dahi Kabab and Haryali Kabab. 

The Land of Nawabs and Awadhi cuisine, Lucknow is a total foodie’s paradise So chef made us taste these as those were the specialty of lucknow.

Paneer Tikka
Dahi Kabab
Haryali Kabab

Paneer Tikka: It was nicely marinated and it tasted quite good with the amazing dip (Corainder chutney).

Dahi Kebab: Dahi kebab is made with a hungcurd and few vegetables, It was okayish in taste though.

Haryali Kebab: I was crazy for these but I have never tasted Haryali kebab with the cheese filling. God I fall in love with these.

Then we had our soup.. Guess which Flavour it was?

Daal Shorba

Can you even expect having Daal as a Soup..?

Yes Daal Shorba, The Chef told us the story behind this.

The daal was soaked in water for 7 hours and then it was being cooked in this way which made us crazy. It was really tempting. 

In Earlier times when poor people didn’t have anything to eat then they used to mix everything whatever they had and they used to boil it and cook it as a soup, and Now People are crazy for soups says,“Chandan Thakur.

Then we had Main Course: 

Rasgulla Paneer
Mixed vegetable
Daal Makhani
Assorted Breads
On the Table

We had something different, that was Rasgulla Paneer, as it was not sweet and was as same as other dishes which contain Paneer but it was made in the form of rasgulla & was one of the delicious dish from the main course.

We loved the Daal Makhani, every ingredient gave it a perfect taste.

Mixed Vegetable needs a little bit taste improvement though.

People who live in Kashmir love to have Bakharwadi as snacks during their tea time.

The Main Course was truly amazing. It satisfied my taste buds.

We had our stomachs full but Then came Kulhad Lassi. 

Kulhad Lassi

LASSI : It is made by adding water to the curd with some sugar and saffron.

 After preparing lassi , a layer of cream is put on top of it. Lassi is dranked by frosting in the refrigerator or by adding ice in the summer season.

The Lassi was served as a speciality of Punjab which needs improvement as it should be more thick Still it was considered as extremely refreshing and refreshing and we enjoyed it.

Now comes the Dessert ..

“Dessert is like a Feel-good song
and the best ones make you dance”


Mawa Barfi

Mini Rasgulla

Mini Gulabjamun

Kesar Barfi 

Khubani Ka Meetha – It was made from apricot and it is used for making sweet recipes . This one had cinnamon flavour and the chef presented it very beautifully.

We enjoyed our lunch at Kabul to Bengal Food Festival with Chandan Thakur (Director of Food & Beverage at Crowne Plaza) and Roshini Agnani (Marketing Manager at Crowne Plaza).

Chandan Thakur, Roshini Agnani, Radhika Agarwal, Vishakha and Akshya Agarwal (From Right)
Left to Right- Roshini Agnani, Akshya Agarwal (Akshya Digital Diaries) and Radhika Agarwal

Thank you Crowne Plaza for having us there, We really enjoyed the tasting session.

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-Akshya Digital Diaries